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Jansen Heating and Cooling provides the highest quality services, heating and cooling systems, and professional installations.

Having a friend is a comfortable feeling. Having a friend who’s interested in your personal comfort and in saving you money is a good thing too. At Jansen Heating and Cooling, we’re here to make you comfortable and save you money, and we’ve got lots of ways to prove it.

Whether it’s a service call, replacing a system, or an HVAC seasonal tune up, all of our services are provided by skilled, reliable technicians. Add in extras, like a 7-day service hot-line, service on all makes and models, seasonal tune-ups, 10-year warranties on same-day system replacements, and free energy surveys, and it’s easy to see why so many people find comfort in a friend like Jansen Heating and Cooling. Our expert technicians will perform to your satisfaction, and that promise is backed by one of the best guarantees in the business.

Proud to Serve Greater Cincinnati

Jansen Heating and Cooling is locally owned and operated and the leading heating and air conditioning service company in Cincinnati, which means that you get the assurance and the relationship of a local business.

Let Jansen Heating and Cooling help you with your heating and air conditioning problems, and discover the difference for yourself. Let Jansen Heating and Cooling be ‘Your Heating & Air Conditioning Company™’and let us treat your home like ours. Call today: (513) 561-4888.

Jansen Heating and Cooling is proud to provide heating and air conditioning service, repair and installation to customers in Cincinnati and the surrounding area.

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Quality you can depend on with the assurance of an established local business.

Keeping You Comfortable And Saving You Money

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Jansen Heating & Air Conditioning Inc. provides the highest quality services, air conditioning systems and professional installations. Learn More

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