Finding the Best Furnace Installers in Cincinnati

residential basement HVAC unit

Who are the best local furnace installers?

The ones with the most experience, the best reviews, the broadest product knowledge? All of these are good criteria for finding a qualified furnace installer.

But the best company to install your tri-state furnace is probably the one you trust the most.

If you have an HVAC partner you have worked with on cleaning, maintenance and repairs, and they have provided good service at a fair price, chances are you can trust them to install your new furnace properly.

Do it Right

Correct installation takes a lot of skill. Here are some considerations:

Getting the Correct Size

It is untrue that bigger is better. The best and most efficient way to heat a home is by purchasing and installing a furnace the appropriate size and type for your living space.

Putting it in the Right Place

Furnaces have a lot of hoses and connectors. If a contractor comes in, puts the unit in the corner, and pulls out their tools, chances are they have already made a grave error.

It is critical for the technician to determine where the return air duct will connect to the furnace. In most cases, they will have to cut a proper-sized hole in the furnace.

Setting a Proper Foundation

Furnaces should be set on rubber pads to minimize noise. If the furnace is in the basement, it should be propped up to keeps it at least four inches off the floor in case of basement flooding.

Making a Good Seal

There are two seal products we recommend: metal foil tape and duct sealant. Duct tape is not acceptable or appropriate.

Protect Your Investment

By having a reputable company (not the cheapest) install your furnace, your investment will be protected, and pay for itself in a reasonable amount of time. With proper installation and regular maintenance, your furnace will operate reliably and energy-efficiently for its expected life span.

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