A Busted AC Need Not Be the End of the World

Nearly every homeowner has been there – you’re feeling cooling relief in your air-conditioned house on a day when it’s 90-plus degrees outside and the humidity is lurking around 90%. Then suddenly the AC up and decides to shut down. In a matter of hours, with a broken AC unit, the inside of your house has made the startling transition from cool and comfortable to clammy and hot. Then there’s the other type of cooling system malfunction – an AC that gradually stops cooling like it’s supposed to. This can have the same eventual effect as the system that suddenly stops working: You’re stewing in your juices in a house that’s hot and muggy, and in this case, it’s despite having a modern AC unit working away and wasting energy to no avail.

Choose Reliability; Choose Jansen

This is when you can really appreciate the benefits of having a reliable Cincinnati AC repair contractor to call. In the top ranks of this category is Jansen Heating and Cooling, long considered among the best HVAC companies in Cincinnati. Jansen serves the constellation of communities surrounding Cincinnati, so if you need a heater contractor in Indian Hill, an AC repair in West Chester, or a furnace installation in Mason, you’re covered.

Jansen can handle any sort of issue, though it’s usually best to troubleshoot the problem yourself before calling in a professional. After all, it might be something as simple as resetting the circuit breaker or adjusting the thermostat.

On the other hand, if the air conditioner doesn’t shut down but rather just stops cooling the house efficiently, you should check the air filter and change it if it’s dirty. Or try looking at supply registers in rooms that aren’t feeling cool to make sure they’re open and unblocked. You might be surprised to know how often rugs, furniture, or toys get shoved in front of or on top of registers.

Dependable AC Repair a Phone Call Away

If your AC has stopped working or just isn’t providing the comfortable cooling you’ve come to expect, Jansen offers a seven-day service hotline, with reliable, skilled technicians who have seen just about everything. They can repair any make or model of broken air conditioner, plus offer preventative maintenance that will increase the chances you won’t have to deal with a busted AC unit. You can expect Jansen to offer a fair charge for the air conditioner repair, as well as the company’s 100 percent upfront pricing guarantee. Under this guarantee, if you’re quoted a price for a repair, and the technician finds an additional or more involved problem than what they originally thought, you still just pay the quoted price, no matter what work they end up going. For Cincinnati HVAC repair, you can’t go wrong with Jansen.

Don’t Forget Preventative Maintenance

Of course, the best way to avoid situations like those described above is to schedule professional preventative maintenance annually for your cooling system (with a separate visit for your heating system). Your HVAC contractor will run through a checklist of maintenance tasks in order to optimize your comfort system for performance, efficiency, and safety. Jansen Heating and Cooling offers a Maintenance Club membership in order to ensure you get the right maintenance for your HVAC system on a set schedule (plus the sort of pro maintenance needed to keep your equipment in good standing with the manufacturer’s warranty). Jansen offers the same sort of top-notch performance whether you need air conditioning service or heating service repair in Cincinnati or any of its suburbs.

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