You’ve probably been there before. You’re spending family time in your cool, comfortable home on a hot and steamy mid-July day; then you start to realize that the house isn’t feeling very comfortable after all. It’s warm, close and clammy. You go to the nearest register and lo and behold, the air coming out is not cool, or maybe isn’t coming out at all.

Don’t panic just yet; the problem might be something that you can fix yourself. This is when knowing how to troubleshoot or fix air conditioning that’s not cooling adequately comes in handy.

What to Check if Your AC Isn’t Doing Its Job

• Did the thermostat inadvertently get set to cooling rather than heating. Or did the desired temperature on the thermostat somehow get set higher than the temperature in the house? You’d be surprised at how many people think they have a broken AC when actually the thermostat is just set wrong. You can correct these issues easily enough.

• Is the lack of cooling isolated to one room? If so, this is almost certainly a problem related to your ducts and registers. Make sure nothing’s blocking the register or that the vent’s not closed. Or you can make a quick assessment of visible ductwork and see if perhaps a duct section got disconnected and is hanging loose. Unfortunately, many air distribution problems aren’t evident to the untrained eye, or without the proper diagnostic equipment. You may have to contact someone for an HVAC repair.

• Has the electrical circuit for the AC tripped without you realizing it. Go to the circuit box and check the circuit for the air conditioning. If it’s not in the same position as the other switches, switch it off then all the way on. Turn off the AC before you do this, so there isn’t a sudden power surge. Don’t forget that a split-system AC may have its indoor and outdoor units on different circuits. If the outside AC unit in your Cincinnati home is not turning on, but your inside unit sounds like it’s operating normally, this could be the case. Once again, check the breaker.

• Has the air filter for your central air become clogged with dust and debris? Switch it out so the air can circulate the way it’s supposed to do, smoothly and without interruption. A clogged filter, however, probably wouldn’t result in a sudden loss of cooling.

If none of this works, it’s time to go to plan B.

Contact a Professional to Fix Air Conditioning That’s Not Cooling

The best way, of course, is to call in a Cincinnati AC repair contractor that you can trust to do the work reliably, promptly and affordably. And in line with that thinking, here’s the best way to prevent air conditioning not cooling the way you expect.

Schedule a professional maintenance tune-up from Jansen Heating and Cooling before it gets hot this (or any) year. Being proactive will allow you to avoid the aforementioned situation – a cool and comfortable house that’s suddenly a sweatbox.

And, as stated, if your central air conditioning system does go on the blitz, the quickest way to put it back on track is to contact Jansen Heating and Cooling. Their professional technicians will diagnose the problem promptly, explain what’s wrong clearly and comprehensively, then once you give the go-ahead, do the work reliably and at a fair price. One of the top benefits of working with a Cincinnati HVAC contractor whom you can trust is the security of knowing that one of the main components of a good quality of life has been taken care of.

Jansen serves communities and neighborhoods throughout the Cincinnati area, so don’t dspair if you need a furnace repair in Mason or an AC installation in Indian Hill. Jansen’s just a quick phone call and short drive away.

Most of This Works for Heating Issues, Too

Nearly everything in this blog also makes sense for a broken heater in your home. You can troubleshoot the problem, looking at the thermostat, circuit box, vents and registers, and/or air filter to see if you can correct whatever issue you’re having. Then, if that doesn’t work, call in Jansen Heating & Cooling for a prompt and effective fix of your heating issues.

Choose Your HVAC Contractors in Cincinnati Carefully

Taking a haphazard approach to selecting who will service your home’s heating or cooling system is like hiring a dental technician to perform brain surgery. You’re not likely to get the desire result, and it may end up costing you a lot in terms of comfort, money and health. The better approach is choosing a Cincinnati HVAC contractor with an unrivaled reputation for quality work, unmatched guarantees and reasonable pricing. If you research that question, your search likely will lead you to Jansen Heating & Air Conditioning, a locally owned company that will do the job promptly and effectively.