Maineville, OH, has a Great Option for HVAC Service, Installation and Repair Close By

Jansen Heating & Cooling is based just west of I-71 from Maineville, and we get out your way often to serve our many customers on Greater Cincinnati’s northeast side.

If you hear a strange noise from your furnace, feel something is off with your home’s temperature regulation, or are facing an equipment error that has you taking layers of clothes on and off every hour, help is only about 15 minutes away.

If you don’t have a regular partner who performs your routine HVAC maintenance, consider Jansen, known throughout one of Ohio’s most charming villages for professional, quick, and affordable answers.

Join the HVAC Club for Longer Equipment Life

It’s easy to let scheduling your biannual HVAC equipment servicing slide when everything is humming along with no problems. But regular maintenance can be a great money-saver over the life of your furnace or air conditioner.

Maineville, Ohio, residents who belong to our Maintenance Club never miss a service call, because we send Save the Date reminders. We calibrate, adjust, clean and lubricate your equipment every twice a year, both to prevent any potential problems, and to help your furnace and AC last as long as possible.

Maintenance Club members also get preferred service appointments—a lifesaver during busy times–and discounts on repairs and installations.

We Handle All Your HVAC Needs

We’ve Got Maineville Heating and Cooling Covered

As Maineville has experienced rapid growth over the last decade or two, we have added more and more Maineville homeowners to our customer list. New customers hear about Jansen from their neighbors, then call us again and again, because they know from experience they will get excellent HVAC solutions at fair prices. They also know we are on call 24/7, and will always respond as quickly as possible.

They will spend less over the life of their equipment because we will maintain it in peak condition. When a major repair is necessary, they don’t have to wonder what it will cost, because we provide an up-front 100% price guarantee, no matter how complicated the job becomes.

Best of all, because we know we can handle just about anything your HVAC system can dish out, Jansen customers get a 100% satisfaction guarantee as well!

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