outdoor ac unitsNow that the cooling season is under way, it’s the right time to take stock of options if your Cincinnati, Ohio, air conditioning goes on the fritz or needs service. The same applies if your AC stops cooling your home and you’d like to consider an upgrade.

Jansen Heating & Cooling has garnered a reputation as the top Queen City provider of AC service, repairs and installations. Our experienced, certified technicians can do it all, promptly and at a fair price. We offer some of the best guarantees in the business, too.

Maintenance Is Key To Lower AC Costs

Do yourself a favor and consider a Maintenance Club membership with Jansen. This will ensure that your cooling (or heating) system receives regular maintenance and service–professional attention that will allow the AC to run according to the manufacturer’s original design specs.

HVAC systems that don’t receive regular maintenance eventually will:

  • lose efficiency,
  • develop problems circulating conditioned air effectively and
  • experience more breakdowns.

A lack of maintenance also has been linked to safety issues in cooling and heating systems.

Poorly maintained cooling or heating systems also have shorter service lives.

The bottom line? Without regular cleaning and servicing, your comfort systems will cost more to operate, raise your energy bills and need replacing sooner, which is a costly undertaking.

Maintenance Options

Jansen options include a yearly inspection and tune-up service on the home’s heating and cooling system, or the preferred semi-annual service for each system, typically before the start of each high-use season.

Signing up for a Maintenance Club membership means your system will satisfy or exceed requirements set by the manufacturer or extended warranty, as well as requirements set by local government or utilities. We’ll send a reminder when it is time for your service.

Doing Your Part

In addition to scheduled annual professional maintenance on each part of your HVAC system (cooling and heating), it’s important that homeowners perform their own maintenance on a regular basis.

While that mainly means air filter checks on a regular basis (monthly is recommended for most systems), it also includes keeping the area around equipment clear of debris, both indoors and outdoors, and making sure nothing is blocking vents and registers in the house.

Other Benefits of Using Jansen

Jansen Heating & Cooling offers a seven-day service hotline for AC or heating system issues, and services and repairs all types of HVAC equipment. For new systems, we offer 10-year warranties.

To help save homeowners and businesses money on heating and cooling, we also offer a free energy survey. After the work is done, you’ll know you have among the best guarantees in the HVAC business.

For air conditioning service in Cincinnati, you can’t do better than Jansen.

Proper Heater Repair Is Only a Phone Call Away

With winter nearing in southwest Ohio, if there’s one thing you want to be secure about, that’s your home’s heating system. However, it’s a given that at some point your heater will malfunction – and it could be on the most frigid day of the year. Be prepared for a needed furnace repair by working with a well-respected, locally owned HVAC contractor. This is an outfit that will perform the repair promptly and professionally and at a reasonable cost, with a guarantee you can feel secure about. They’ll also perform annual maintenance on your furnace or heat pump, to minimize future breakdowns.