The biggest frustration when working with other contractors is that halfway through the project, the contractor would add a few more parts and a little more labor to the job. At the end of the project, the invoice would end up being double what you expected it to be. Unfortunately that is a common practice in the H.V.A.C industry, and Unfortunately most contractors will not give you a price quote guarantee. Jansen Heating and Air offers a 100% Upfront Pricing Guarantee.

Here is an example; let’s say we come out to your home and diagnose a repair and present the cost to you. Once you accept the repair at the price presented, that is all you pay. If our technician happens to begin the repair and finds that something else needed to be fixed, Jansen will complete the job correctly at no additional cost. This best practice is what we believe separates us from our competition. Our Guarantee is the best in the industry and our customers love it.

In Your Cincinnati Home Air Filters for Your HVAC System Should Be Kept Clean

It might surprise you to learn of the negative consequences that can result from dirty HVAC air filters in your Cincinnati home. Air filters for forced-air heating and cooling systems provide two essential services – keeping dust and dirt from contaminating sensitive equipment and cleaning the air you and your family breathe. However, if the air filter gets clogged with dirt and debris, it can’t do that job, plus a dirty air filter will impede system airflow. Your equipment will struggle to deliver conditioned air throughout your home. Get in the habit of checking the air filter once a month and changing it when it gets dirty.