If your home air conditioning system has been struggling to cool your home, or isn’t working at all, you’ll likely need an AC repair. You can try a few basic fixes for your broken AC unit – checking the circuit breaker, making sure the thermostat is set to cooling, or ensuring that air-supply and exhaust pipes aren’t blocked. But if you can’t find and correct the problem yourself, you should contact a trusted Cincinnati HVAC contractor.

Air Conditioner Fix May or May Not Be Simple

The problem with the air conditioner may be connected to any one of a variety of issues. Some of them are simple; some are more complicated.

If your AC is running but not cooling properly, the problem might be:

  • Blocked ducts or registers.
  • A clogged air filter.
  • Dirty or rusted heat-exchange coils.
  • Leaking or low refrigerant level.
  • Poorly maintained or otherwise defective blower motor.
  • Air-flow issues.
  • One of a variety of component failures.

If your cooling system is not running at all, the problem could be:

  • A broken compressor or blower motor.
  • A tripped circuit.
  • Refrigerant leak.
  • A blocked air intake pipe. Fallen leaves and other yard debris may be the culprit.

Cooling System Repair

A trained and certified technician from Jansen Heating and Cooling will come to your home, obtain background from you on the cooling system problem, then inspect your cooling equipment, diagnose the issue, and likely fix your broken AC unit.

In cases of air conditioning systems that have come to the end of their useful service life, an air conditioning repair may not be possible. Similarly, an AC compressor that’s gone kaput often will require an entire system replacement, since the compressor is such an expensive and key part of the system. In these cases, the technician will detail your options for a new cooling system. This doesn’t need to be the end of the world, however. Over time, a new high-efficiency AC system will use less energy than your old system, and deliver monthly savings on utility bills. In the greater Cincinnati area, with its several-month cooling season, savings will accumulate in a reasonable period of time.

For Effective Furnace Repair Cincinnati Offers the Best

As a resident of a large metro area, you should feel fortunate that you have so many options when your furnace or heat pump breaks down. Choosing a respected, quality heater repair contractor in Cincinnati is definitely the wisest course, rather than using cost as your only criteria. A poorly repaired heating system likely will cost your household ample comfort and money in the future. On the other hand, a heater repair performed by trained, experience, certified HVAC technicians will pay dividends in comfort and savings on energy and money. Consider Jansen Heating & Air Conditioning for all of your heating and cooling system repairs.