Who We Are

Jansen Heating & Cooling is a premier, locally owned Heating and Air-Conditioning company operating locally since 1953. We have consistently grown each year due to our competitive programs and services, and now serve the entire Greater Cincinnati area with HVAC maintenance, repair and installation.

Our company has continued to invest in state-of-the-art technology that allows us to deliver the highest level of service with the lowest possible cost.

Written training and employee development programs ensure the delivery of safe, reliable service in and around your home.

Why Choose Jansen

  1. With Jansen, you get professional, credentialed technicians familiar with your make and model of equipment.
  2. We offer a 100-percent upfront price guarantee. That means if we estimate the job and it turns out to be more complicated than originally thought, you will only pay the estimated price.
  3. We also provide a 100-percent satisfaction guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the products or work provided, you will get your money back.
  4. Our Maintenance Club makes it easy to remember when it’s time to have your furnace and air conditioner checked. Joining the club also gets you discounts, preferred service appointments, a free energy audit and other perks.
  5. Our 24/7 service hotline ensures you can always get emergency service

In addition:

  • We offer the industry’s best guarantees, warranties and assurances
  • We are an unbiased independent contractor
  • We’ve earned Angie’s List Super Service Award for 6 straight years
  • Our installers and techs are factory-trained on the equipment we sell and install
  • Ours is a drug-free environment, enforced and maintained
  • Each technician is North American Technician Excellence (NATE)- certified
  • All employees are fully background-checked for your safety

When choosing an HVAC contractor, always check their credentials, reviews and reputation. Look us up; we think you’ll be impressed!

In the Home Air Filters Play a Key Role in Comfort and Efficiency

While small and relatively inexpensive, residential air filters are an essential component of effective and efficient heating and cooling. A relatively efficient furnace or AC filter – replaced when it gets clogged, will allow smooth airflow through a forced-air HVAC system, while filtering out unwanted dust and other airborne particulates that might otherwise contaminate equipment and household air. This protects and enhances the efficiency of your cooling and heating equipment, saving money on energy and protecting parts and components, along with safeguarding family members who may be vulnerable to the adverse effects of dirty air.