Your home’s air conditioning and heating systems require regular maintenance and service. In order to operate safely and efficiently, HVAC units should be kept at their original design operating specifications. Without proper periodic professional maintenance, sudden and/or catastrophic failures can occur, plus you could waste up to 50% in energy consumption on a poorly maintained cooling or heating system.

A Club Membership from Jansen Heating and Cooling ensures that your heating and air conditioning system (or systems) will undergo the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance procedures at regular intervals. This is an annual planned inspection and tune-up service on your heating and cooling system, or semi-annual service for each system (heating and cooling). The Club Membership is designed to meet or exceed all manufacturer and extended-warranty requirements, and adheres to recommended procedures outlined by the U.S. Department of Energy and local utility companies.

What a Club Membership Can Do for You

How does a Club Membership improve the health of your heating and cooling system and save you money, both in the near and long-term?

  • The annual or semi-annual inspection and tune-up service allows Jansen’s certified technicians to catch and correct minor issues before they become chronic problems impacting both efficiency and effectiveness. This also will catch issues that otherwise could evolve into catastrophic problems.
  • Our Club Member customers receive 15% discounts on all heater and AC repairs.
  • A Club Member tune-up on your heating and air conditioning system includes cleaning all heat-transfer surfaces, checking electrical connections, testing airflow, and calibrating your system operation back to design specifications, among other tasks. This will improve comfort and and energy efficiency, saving you up to 50% on your energy costs.
  • If an AC or heater repair we have completed fails during that heating or cooling season, we will repair it again absolutely FREE.
  • Our automated dispatch system keeps track of your inspection and tune-up schedule, and we will contact you to schedule the appointment at a time convenient for you.
  • We’ll inform you about needed homeowner maintenance tasks, such as inspecting and changing dirty air filters and keeping registers and vents clear.

You’ll Be First in Line

Most importantly, our Club Members receive Priority Service. In the event that your system is not working properly or fails completely, we will give your cooling or heating service repair priority by moving your request for service to the top of the list. During those miserable hot summer or cold winter days, you will not have to wait for days to get a technician to show up to get your system back online.

Schedule a system tune-up or request a service agreement today with one of Cincinnati’s best HVAC companies, Jansen Heating and Cooling.

For Cincinnati Furnace Installation, Jansen is the Obvious Choice

When considering a new heating system for your home, you should consider several important factors. These include energy efficiency, heating performance and safety, as well as what system your family budget can afford. In Cincinnati the heating system installation that checks all of these boxes is Jansen Heating & Air Conditioning. While our certified expert technicians can install just about any make and model, Jansen will help you choose the furnace or heat pump that can best heat your particular home efficiently, effectively and affordably. We’ll make sure that your new system is carefully sized for your home as well.