When you need a cooling or heating repair, seasonal maintenance or a system replacement, your decision on who to hire will be essential to your family’s comfort and safety, while having a significant impact on your household budget.

But how do you go about selecting the best among Cincinnati HVAC companies? In other words, what’s the best way to find a trustworthy, competent and reliable heating and cooling contractor (that won’t cost you an arm and a leg)?

Cheap Can Cost More in the Long Run

You don’t want just anybody coming into hour home and fiddling with the equipment that keeps you and your family comfortable and safe. Obtaining an unrealistically inexpensive price quote from someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing will end up costing you substantially in the future, in terms of

  1. lost comfort,
  2. frequent breakdowns and/or higher energy costs and
  3. even indoor air quality.

Those extra costs will quickly eliminate whatever cost benefit you thought you were getting.

HVAC Contractors Should Meet These Standards

  • Behave and look professional. An HVAC technician who looks and plays the part has a better chance of competently and reliably fixing, maintaining or installing your heating or cooling system than one who doesn’t. However, this is just one standard you should apply. It’s not one you should base your decision on solely, since sometimes incompetence and unprofessionalism can look like anything but.
  • Check the HVAC business’s references and professional rankings. Ask friends, coworkers and neighbors for recommendations. Look at testimonials on the contractor’s website. Make sure the business’s technicians have proper certifications in the heating and cooling field, including NATE (North American Technician Excellence).
  • If the technician wants to install a furnace, heat pump or AC in your home, make sure they explain the process carefully and comprehensively. If they recommend a certain size or capacity for your new system without conducting a heating or cooling load calculation, try another contractor.

Systems that are under-sized or over-sized may result in a variety of negative issues, including energy waste, poor performance, stress on components, and/or uneven heating or cooling. Avoid contractors who employ guesswork or simple calculations to recommend the right capacity for your home.

  • If the HVAC contractor tries to give you an estimate for major AC or heater repair or installation over the phone, try a different contractor. A quality heating/cooling service person will want to come to your home, talk to you about your energy habits and comfort expectations, and inspect your heating and cooling system and how it works inside your home.
  • Until the Covid-19 pandemic has finally ended, you’ll be wise to make sure that anyone coming into your home is practicing safe methods to prevent infection. If they’re not wearing a mask, they should be happy to put one on if you request it.

At Jansen Heating and Cooling, we’re confident we will meet all these requirements.

Locally owned and operated, Jansen has been serving the greater Cincinnati area’s heating and cooling needs since 1953. We offer

  1. a seven-day service hotline,
  2. service on all models and makes of equipment,
  3. seasonal maintenance tune-ups,
  4. 10-year warranties on same-day system replacements and
  5. free energy surveys, among other benefits.

Jansen has worked hard to be considered among the best Cincinnati HVAC contractors.

Don’t Accept Anything but the Best When It Comes to AC Repair

The difference between a cool, comfortable home in the middle of July and one that’s like a steam bath is typically something as simple as a cooling system that goes on the blink. Don’t let that happen to you, or leastways, don’t let that happen to you any longer than you have to. Make sure that you work with a trusted, dependable local HVAC contractor for any air conditioning repairs this summer. You’ll want prompt and effective service from an outfit that has a long and respected reputation working in your community. Jansen Heating & Air Conditioning fits that description like a glove.