For Great HVAC Service in Felicity, Call Jansen

People choose Felicity, OH, to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life. But that doesn’t mean they don’t appreciate the skill of Cincinnati’s most highly-regarded contractors for furnace and air conditioning repairs and installation.

Jansen Heating & Cooling is one of Greater Cincinnati’s best HVAC companies, and we enjoy visiting our customers in southeast Clermont County. If our work providing quick, reliable and affordable maintenance, equipment and repairs keeps us in Felicity after 5 pm, we always stop at the Ugly Goat Social Club before heading home!

Jansen’s 100% pricing guarantee is especially attractive to our Felicity customers; if the job turns out to be more complex than your technician estimated, they will stand by the original quote.

Jansen also offers a satisfaction guarantee. We’ve never met a heating or cooling problem we couldn’t solve, and are sure you’ll be pleased with our professionalism, excellent service and fair rates.

Why Felicity Chooses Jansen for Heating & Cooling

While we may not be the closest HVAC provider, our customers in Felicity learn early on that we can address just about anything—even if you have neglected routine maintenance for years. So they keep calling our family-owned business for both regular maintenance and larger jobs.

Your equipment will perform better longer if you call Jansen to clean, lubricate, calibrate and adjust it every six months. That’s why we offer Felicity customers membership in our Maintenance Club; members get maintenance reminders, service discounts and preferred appointments, which means we can usually be at your house in an hour or two if you have an emergency.

We Handle All Your HVAC Needs

Partner with Someone Clermont County Trusts

The worst thing in terms of home maintenance and repair is to need help in an emergency and not know who to call. How do you know they will do a good job, address your concern quickly and charge a fair price?

Jansen technicians get to know their Felicity customers well, and those customers’ HVAC equipment. At every maintenance visit, they check to make sure everything is working properly, and give you a heads up about any concerns for the future.

That way, you’ll know when to expect major repairs replacements. You can plan and budget for these situations, and have peace of mind that you are getting good advice.

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