When you’ve made the decision to replace your heat pump or furnace heating system, whether to improve efficiency and significantly reduce your energy bills, or to stop wasting good money on heater repairs well past a system’s useful life, Jansen Heating and Cooling is here to help.

Heating System Diagram

We realize that it’s a major household decision to replace a central heating system, so we want to let you know what to consider and expect during this process when working with Jansen Heating and Cooling, among Cincinnati’s best HVAC companies.

Start With a Comfort Survey

The best place to start is with our Jansen Home Comfort Survey to help you quickly identify your requirements for:

  • Home uses such as special heating conditions due to a home office, an exercise room, parties, or if you’re unnecessarily heating closed-off rooms or rooms that are unoccupied for extended periods.
  • Comfort requirements to remedy stale air problems, specific rooms that are too hot or too cold, system noise levels, or air that’s too humid (muggy) or too dry (e.g. static electricity, dry throat or skin).
  • Health/safety requirements such as indoor air quality, respiratory conditions, humidity control, or child safety concerns about your system.
  • Property requirements such as whether you’re planning home renovations or adding on to your home.
  • Financial requirements such as the importance of saving money on energy consumption and operating cost,
    working with a contractor that can protect a homeowner from risk and liability, or your wish to explore financing options. Energy efficiency, through effective air sealing, insulation and other weatherization steps, can reduce the cost of any central heating or cooling system.

Schedule a Free Appointment

To schedule a free, no obligation appointment with one of our installation advisors to learn more about our entire line-up of heating systems and system enhancements, click here.

Jansen Heating and Cooling, with top-notch heating service repair and installation services, is proud to be a distributor of Carrier heating systems.

Seeking the Best HVAC Contractors in Cincinnati? You’re in Luck

Whether you’re seeking someone to repair your furnace or AC, upgrade your air-quality system, or install a new heating or cooling equipment, here in Cincinnati the best HVAC contractor is available with a quick phone call. Jansen Heating & Air Conditioning, a locally owned outfit with a stellar reputation in the community, boasts skilled technicians and installers who can handle any situation promptly and effectively, and offers one of the HVAC industry’s best guarantees. You depend on your heating, cooling and air quality systems to keep your family healthy and comfortable. Trust Jansen to make sure they do.