Picture this. It’s mid-July, highs forecast in the low 90s, you’re having family in for the weekend, and Friday afternoon, you notice the house is warming up. You place your hand on the cooling register, and darn, only neutral air is coming out. Or maybe the fan’s not working at all. It’s time to call Cincinnati AC repair that you can trust to come to your home, then diagnose and fix the problem as soon as possible.

For this type of issue, there’s no better option in the greater Cincinnati area than Jansen Heating & Air Conditioning. Our skilled, certified professional cooling and heating technicians have a stellar reputation for prompt, efficient and effective AC fixes.

No Matter the Problem With Your AC

The AC technician first will determine whether the issue is a non-working system or one that just isn’t working as intended. There’s a big difference between an air conditioner that won’t turn on on the one hand, and one that seems to be operating but just isn’t cooling the air.

AC not operating: This could be the power supply – either a switch turned off, a circuit breaker that’s tripped, an incorrect thermostat setting, or some other electrical malfunction. If one of the first three things is the issue, you should check those before calling in a pro. It could also mean a mechanical breakdown, for instance, in the compressor or blower motor, which is a more serious issue that the technician will need to diagnose.

AC not cooling: This could a whole range of issues, ranging from the simple (registers blocked, air filter logged) to the more complex (dirty heat-exchange coils, low or leaking refrigerant).

Unless you can find an easy AC fix yourself, your trusted Cincinnati air conditioning repair outfit will need to figure out what’s wrong and then fix the issue promptly and effectively.

For Furnace Repair, Cincinnati Homeowners Should Hire the Best 

When your home’s heating system stops distributing cozy, warm air in your home, you can’t afford to mess around. A cold house is not only uncomfortable, it can be unsafe. One company stands above others for furnace repair in Cincinnati. That’s Jansen Heating & Air Conditioning, Cincinnati’s heating and cooling specialists. For heating system repairs, Jansen technicians have no incentive to find phony repairs that aren’t necessary. With our 100 percent upfront pricing guarantee, you’ll end up paying the quoted price for a repair, even if it winds up costing more for labor or parts.