You deserve top-quality service when it comes to your home’s heating or cooling system. Anything less and you’re not only risking higher-than-necessary energy bills and less-than-adequate comfort; you’re risking your family’s safety.

In Cincinnati, Jansen Heating & Air Conditioning provides high-quality maintenance, repair and installation services for both heating and cooling systems.

Some of What You Can Expect From Jansen

• All services regarding Cincinnati heating system repairs will be handled by reliable, skilled technicians with high standing in the industry.

• Jansen offers a seven-day service hotline, will work on any HVAC model or brand, and provides decade-long warranties with same-day heating or cooling system replacements, as well as free energy-use surveys.

• Services by a respected, locally owned company, one of the leading HVAC outfits in the greater Cincinnati area.

• With products and installation of new cooling or heating systems, Jansen provides an all-inclusive lifetime guarantee. If you’re not completely satisfied with the service or installation, Jansen will take whatever action is necessary to address whatever issues you have.

• Jansen offers Upfront Pricing for AC and furnace repair in Cincinnati. This means you won’t fall into a situation where our technician surprises you at the end of a job with work you hadn’t agreed to. Instead, with Jansen’s 100 percent upfront pricing guarantee, once you’ve accepted a repair at a quoted price, that’s what you’ll pay, even if the job ends up involving more time or parts than anticipated.

Use the Right Home Air Filters for Solid HVAC Performance

You might be surprised to learn what an essential role a new home furnace filter plays in the operation of the forced-air heating and cooling system that keeps your home comfortable. The filter keeps dirt and dust from coating sensitive HVAC components, which can reduce efficiency and cause eventual breakdowns. The filter also sifts out airborne contaminants that otherwise may degrade indoor air. Bottom line, your furnace, AC or heat pump can’t operate efficiently or productively without an air filter that’s performing its job as intended. Inspect the filter monthly, and replace it when it looks clogged or dirty.