Summer in southwest Ohio and northern Kentucky can get very hot and sticky, which is why you don’t want to be left hanging when your AC conks out on the hottest day in July. However, if this does happen, it’s important to know whom you can trust to make an effective and affordable air conditioning fix.

Cooling systems, while fairly simple in terms of mechanics, can malfunction in a number of ways, some of them easily fixed, others not so much. The problem might be anything from a tripped circuit to a leaking refrigerant line to dirty coils to the worst case, a busted compressor. An irreparable compressor is one of the main issues that force homeowners to go shopping for a new AC.

Before the air conditioning technician arrives for your cooling system repair, make sure you’re ready with a detailed explanation of your problem. Armed with that background information, a well-trained and properly credentialed AC technician should diagnose your problem promptly, and recommend an air conditioning repair that’s most likely to solve your problem. In the event of a major problem, such as a compressor giving out, a good technician will lay out your options in a simple and understandable manner. If that means you need to upgrade your cooling system, he likely will refer you to an installation specialist.

What to Expect With Quality AC Repair

• Proper credentials, including NATE (North American Technician Excellence) certification.

• An impressive record of testimonials from satisfied customers. (This can be helpful, but don’t rely on this as the only criterium for choosing the best AC company; testimonials can be cherry-picked.)

• 100 percent upfront pricing guarantee. If a technician starts a repair at an agreed-upon price and finds that another component or part needs to be fixed, the job will be finished without any added cost.

• 100 percent customer satisfaction on the quality of the air conditioning (or any) service work. If you need an installation of a new HVAC system, all-inclusive lifetime workmanship promise on the products and installation.

For air conditioning service in Cincinnati, Jansen Heating & Air Conditioning offers all of these things and more. (All of the preceding bullet points apply equally to heating service repair in Cincinnati.)

For Reliable Air Conditioner Repair, Always Go to a Trusted Pro

Modern central air conditioners are designed to provide consistent, efficient cooling for many years as long as they’re properly maintained and sized correctly for the home they’re cooling. However, malfunctions do occur, which is why it’s essential to know where you can receive prompt, reliable, competent AC repair. The same applies to both seasonal maintenance and installation of new systems. In greater Cincinnati, the contractor that fits the bill for work on residential cooling and heating systems is Jansen Heating & Air Conditioning, a locally owned, full-service HVAC contractor.