Most residential air conditioning systems these days are split, meaning they operate with two units. They have an inside evaporator/air handler unit and an outside condenser/compressor. If the system is a heat pump, the inside-outside roles reverse from cooling season to heating season. Sometimes if one unit continues to run but the other one doesn’t, you (or the AC repair technician) can narrow down what might be the problem.

If the outside AC unit’s not turning on, for example, it could be an issue with the power supply. Make sure the outside unit is turned on (there’s probably a switch near the unit). If the outside unit has a separate circuit breaker, check your circuit box and make sure it hasn’t been tripped. A more serious issue if the outside air conditioning unit’s not working would be a broken compressor or fan. Often, an HVAC contractor’s technician will recommend a replacement system if the compressor is shot. Typically, they will recommend replacing the entire system rather than just the inside unit, since matched systems work more efficiently and effectively, as well as coming with a good warranty. (A new unit matched with an old unit may not qualify for a warranty.)

If the Inside AC Unit’s Not Turning On…

Similar to the outside unit, if the inside evaporator unit of your cooling system won’t turn on, or stops working, check the circuit box and power supply. Normally if it’s a thermostat issue, the whole system will stop operating. And as with the outside unit, the problem could be with the equipment itself. That could be a malfunctioning blower or air handler, or a problem with the refrigerant line or coil.

Unless you can figure out the issue yourself and apply an easy fix, you’ll want to contact your reliable professional Cincinnati AC contractor, Jansen Heating & Air Conditioning. Jansen will diagnose the problem and fix or address it promptly. Jansen guarantees 100 percent customer satisfaction on the quality of any of their HVAC service or maintenance work.

Make Sure You Have a Reliable Option for Heater Repair This Winter

With summer dimming in the rear-view mirror and the temperatures beginning to slide, it’s a good time to take stock of your options should your furnace or other type of heating system malfunction this winter. With this sort of work, you can’t trust any name you pull out of the Yellow Pages or Google. Rather, consider a high-quality, locally owned HVAC contractor for your heating system repair. That will maximize your odds of receiving prompt, reliable, quality service on your furnace or heat pump. One such company, respected widely in the Cincinnati area, is Jansen Heating & Air Conditioning.