It’s hotter than blazes outside and your air conditioner up and decides that today’s the day it’s going to quit. Or maybe it’s been losing efficiency and effectiveness gradually over a period of time. Either way, you need AC repair that you can trust.

At Jansen Heating & Air Conditioning, we employ experienced, skilled and certified technicians. They’ve seen just about everything a cooling or heating system can throw at them, and can be trusted to complete a repair that you can feel secure with.

What’s Wrong With Your Air Conditioner?

Common air conditioner repair scenarios include a malfunctioning blower motor, a busted compressor, dirty heat-exchange coils, a leaking refrigerant line, a blocked condensate line, a thermostat that’s not working correctly, a problem with the power source, and more.

If the problem is a loss of cooling even when the system is operating, the AC repair issues could be related to air circulation. A clogged air filter might be forcing the AC to work harder than necessary to push air through your system. Dirty or damaged ductwork, or ductwork that wasn’t correctly installed, could be the culprit, as could blocked or closed registers. You can check most of these things yourself, though to get the lowdown on duct issues you’ll want a professional ductwork inspection.

If the technician does come out to your home, they’ll quiz you about how your system has been working lately, ask whether cooling has been balanced throughout the house, and get a feel for whether you’ve been overworking the system during excessively hot weather.

Using this information, along with his own personal inspection of the equipment, your Jansen technician should be able to make a prompt and reliable air conditioner repair, or if replacement equipment is needed, within a reasonable amount of time.