Is your home’s cooling system no longer keeping up with the Cincinnati summer heat? Or perhaps it just conked out entirely? Or maybe you’d like to line up a quality HVAC contractor in Cincinnati to perform seasonal maintenance? Or heaven forbid, you need to replace your old or broken heater or AC system? Jansen Heating & Air Conditioning, an established local contractor with decades of success in this area, will perform any of those tasks, and do them professionally, reliably and at a fair price. For an optimum intersection of performance, efficiency and safety, you can’t go wrong with Cincinnati’s top HVAC contractors. We live and work among fellow Cincinnatians so it’s essential that we do the work right the first time, and then offer a solid guarantee for that work.

What You Can Expect from Cincinnati’s Best HVAC Contractor

• A Fair Price Guarantee. We assure customers that they won’t find a better price on a new AC or heating system from any of Jansen’s major (or minor) competition. In the unlikely event that somebody does offer a lower price, we’ll match that price and then pay the customer a $100 bonus. (The systems must be roughly comparable – “apples and apples” as opposed to “apples and aardvarks.”)

• Quality Guarantee. Jansen guarantees customer satisfaction for the quality of HVAC service work, in fact providing a comprehensive lifetime workmanship guarantee on the products and installation that go into a new cooling or heating system. Any customer who’s not 100 percent satisfied with the installation can expect Jansen to do whatever it takes to address customer concerns. This covers installed appliances, ductwork, various parts and components, wiring and piping, and more.

• 100% Upfront Pricing Guarantee. If our technician(s) come to your home, diagnose a heater or AC repair and provide you with an estimate, once you accept the repair at that price, that is all you pay. This is the case even if our technician starts the repair and discovers that something else needs to be fixed. Jansen will complete the more involved job at no additional cost.

More Benefits From Working With Jansen

• Other benefits you can expect from the best HVAC contractors Cincinnati are: 1) a seven-day service hotline; 2) services on all types of HVAC sytems; 3) decade-long warranties on same-day system replacements; and 4) free energy surveys to assess what more you can do in your home to save energy and money.

With AC Repair Cost Should Not Be Your Only Consideration

It’s hot and sizzling outside but you can enjoy cool comfort in your home as long as the air conditioner is operating as intended. But what happens when an AC struggles to comfortably cool your home, or stops working entirely? Hopefully, when that happens you have a respected and trusted HVAC contractor to call, someone you’ve used in the past who you know will do the job right and charge a fair air conditioner repair fee. If you’re new to this process, be aware that it’s important to work with an outfit that charges a reasonable price for the work while doing a competent job.